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Concert Leecher si Sniffyction LIVE in Timisoara 17 mai 2018


poster Concert Leecher si Sniffyction LIVE in Timisoara 17 mai 2018 Timişoara

Leecher - cello metal from Budapest

Leecher is Symphonic / Cello Metal band from Hungary with music based on female vocals and cellos instead of guitars, accompanied by drums and orchestra.


Sniffyction - girl rock band from Hungary

Sniffyction is a hungarian girl rock band from Budapest. They are mostly inspired by glam metal, hard rock, and punk. At the shows they play covers and their own songs too. They evoke the classic 70's and 80's and they want their songs to be original and fresh, with a bit more modern sound in them. With their big dreams and the same passion for rock n roll, they strive to be the next generation, who can bring futher what the big idols have begun.


support act: 20 lei
reservations: 0722892356

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